Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Past Few Months..

This is what has been happening the past few months...
-We moved back in February

-Talen Turned 2 (Not terrible either!!)

-His 2 yr Checkup He weighs 36 lbs 98%, 38.5 Inches tall 99% (hes a Big Boy!!) and Healthy as can Be!!!

-Mike got a Honda CBR 600

We havent been up to a whole lot, just loving being back in Utah!!! Mike is working hard and Im chasing our busy little monster around!! And loving EVERY second of it!!! Talen loves popcicles, and a few of the pics I posted Mike found a worm while doing the yard and put it on the driveway where we were drawing with sidewalk chalk and Talen became so intrigued with it, then a rolly polly came across where we were drawing and he saw it and got just as intrigued with that so funny!! (I honestly thought he was going to kiss the worm!!) EWWWW


melissa said...

hey hill- so glad you posted. meag and i were just talking about you the other day. talen is getting so and he is adorable. you are gorgeous as ever. we need to catch up! love you

meag said...

finally, i've been waiting for a post from you. it is good to see what you have been up to. crazy that talen is two. fastest two years ever! you look beautiful..surprise, surprise. hope things are going great.

thekandiorchard said...

Love your posts!! You'll have to teach me how to post pictures.