Friday, July 9, 2010

My Little Stud is WALKING!!! (When he wants)

Hey all,

Talen finally started to walk a few weeks ago, we were over at my inlaws and the trick is give them a kit-kat for each hand then they wont want to crawl or let go and they will walk! At least thats what happened with Talen, he has this fasination to play with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING but the toys a buy! So I was munchin on my kit-kat and they were just the small ones, and the little stinker crawled over to me and took it from me, and my spare! Stinker pot! He has been walking along the furniture and stuff, but all of a sudden with the candy in hand he just TOOK OFF, and oh have mercy, I think I could have jumped to the moon if I really wanted to! The excitment of watching your own child grow and learn, and have new experiences like that, especially being so big of one just gets a momma JUMPING FOR JOY and all sorts of GIGGLY and LAUGHING, ok well at least it did for me, my mother in law was so calm and just had a huge smile on her face, while im sittin gover on the couch in disbelief that the day came! Finally!! I got pics of it but they were with my phone and they arent so good, I will post some others of him walking around our apartment.. its so cute, he walks and he does this forced laugh! Cracks me up!! Talen truly is my PRIDE and JOY, and I will ALWAYS LOVE him and KISS HIM GOODNIGHT!!!


Hit Play to watch.. its hilarious.. I hope it works