Monday, July 26, 2010

Pix/fAiRyTaLe ToWn/zOO.. So MuCh FuN

Our trip to fAiRyTaLe ToWn and the ZoO with Grandma Sheryl...

Cute Grandma Sheryl got me and Talen out of the house to this cute little place called Fairytale town and the Zoo, Fairytale Town is the cutest Idea ever, it has all the Fairytales known to anyone all made up into a fun little theme park meant for kids ages from 15months to 12year! Its is so cute! And so inexspensive! Ill be taking Talen there more often for sure! It was such a fun day!! Talen and I thank you Grandma Sheryl!!!!

Us posing with the MoNkEy and GoRiLLa heads

Mamma TiGeR teaching her 19 month cub to POUNCE!!!! It was so neat!

Talen loved petting this cute sheep!!

The GiRaFFe has to be one of my favorites, they were so pretty!

T is about to crash out! LoNg and ExCiTiNg DaY!!!!

Grandma Sheryl being gOOfY posing as a monkey!!!

Talen and Me hanging out with Cindarellas midnight carriage!

He loved sitting on the horse!! Think we may have a little Cowboy...

We ran, jumped, twirled on the CrOOkEd MiLe!!!

Played with the GoAtS with Grandma Sheryl!

Giant bean stalk!!


Geoff & Cami Brown said...

Hill... your baby is not a baby anymore. Holy Cow he is HUGE! Looks like you guys passed along your tall genes to him. So cute. Miss you cous.

J.D., Micah, {and} Jonnie said...

how fun!! jonnie would love the zoo... i should put that on our to do list for when we get back to miami and she's going through animal withdrawals!!