Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Little Man

My little man.. Talen..

I have realized day after day that I love TALEN more then I thought I ever could, more the I thought I would ever have LOVE for a single human being!!! I look at him everyday and am just AMAZED athow he has grown and how SMART he gets just by watching me and Mike! The LOVE he gives to Mike and I is INCREDIBLE, absolutley INCREDIBLE! When we are just hanging out or kinda in the zone, he will come up to one of us and look at us with a BIG '

SMILE and add a GIGGLE along with.. and we all just start CRACKING up! First thing in the morning when he wakes up and we go into get him, he jumps right up on his feet and REACHES out for us with a BIG SMILE and after we pick him up.. He gives us a BIG HUG!! I get so EMOTIONAL and HAPPY to be able to be a MOTHER! To have a son with such an amazing personality.. I cant wait to watch him GROW even more!

Talen has been such a BLESSING in my life, having him has taught me PATIENCE (and continues to teach me), he has taught me how to make SACRIFICES, to LAUGH and SMILE even in the hardest most frustrating times in my life, Talen has shown me how to be more LOVING and COMPASSIONATE to others, how to SMILE at STRANGERS in stores or anywhere, that has TAUGHT ME NOT TO JUDGE, it so amazing.. all children will SMILE at anyone, just to SMILE no matter who they are!

Talen I LOVE YOU MORE THEN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!!! I will ALWAYS KISS YOU GOODNIGHT and tell you I LOVE YOU!! I will ALWAYS tell you I LOVE YOU and KISS you when you are 7 and EMBARASSED in front of your FRIENDS... I will do this for ETERNITY! You are my son and I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!! PROTECT YOU!!! ADVISE YOU!!! I will KISS your BOO-BOOS better, WIPE away your TEARS, make you LAUGH when times are hard for you!! Talen I will RAISE you the BEST I can, the BEST I know how to!! Remember I am STILL learning even as you GROW BIGGER and STRONGER by the day! I will still be LEARNING even when you are all GROWN!!! I will be at every BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, SOCCER, VOLLEYBALL, FOOTBALL GAME you will ever have!! Or anything else you choose to do in your LIFE!!! I will be there when you get your FIRST girlfriend, and for your FIRST HEARTBREAK!!! No matter what the situation ALWAYS know I am here for you!!! DAY and NIGHT!! You will ALWAYS be MY SON and I your MOTHER!!!


Heather Favre said...

Hil this is SO SWEET! AWWW~! I love it!

R and K said...

You are such a cute mom. This is the sweetest tribute. Talen is so lucky to have you for his momma.

Kristin said...

You are such a cute little family! And Talen is so adorable! And you are such a good mommie! Kids are the best!! I tried to call you a few weeks ago and I think it was the weekend you were out in Utah for your dad's 50th. One of these days we are going to get together! Hope to hear from you soon! Do you still have my number? Call me and come hang out! I will email it to you again.