Monday, February 15, 2010

1 YeAr!!!!

TaLeN KaNyOn KeNNeDy Is a YEAR!!! Our sweet baby boy is SO big and has been GROWING up so FAST!!! I cant believe it! We had so much fun for his birthday, he has his own CAKE, and PRESENTS, and almost a DOZEN balloons (which he loves to play with)!!! My mom flew in for T's birthday on wed and I think we went shopping everyday!! It was so MUCH FUN but OM GOSH so EXHAUSTING!! While she was here we:

-bought a tote bag
-heart shaped cake pan
-pot roast
-more cake mix for the grown-ups
-4 outfits for Talen
-baby einstein gift set
-Cars (the movie)
-clothes for us
-diet coke
-DeLiCiOuS In-N-OuT!!! 5 min away from our apt.
-a new kitchen dinning set for my kitchen

We had so much fun and the time FLEW by!! My mom flew back home this afternoon!!! She got here the 10th and left the 15th!!! My dad had a nursing conference that was mandetory to be at or he would have came as well!

As for Talens BIRTHDAY on SUNDAY, it was so much fun!!! although he freaked out when the candle got blown out cause he wanted to play with the flame (yikes), and he didnt dive into it like I thought he would, we had to help out and get him going and then he got into it!! So much fun!!! Mike and I went out and got some BALLOONS and he loved those, has played with them for like days fully!! He also needed help rippping into his gifts but then he loves to TEAR paper so it worked out!! This time last year, I wasnt in the best shape, I was frustrated and in pain and upset, but its such a blessing for everything we have this day and age to figure things out, I feel so blessed to have Talen and Mike in my life! I LOVE them so much and I hope they know that!!!!

I love you guys too... You have all been so supportive and have been there for me through THICK and THIN!!!



meag said...

whoa, that year went by fast. talen is so cute...i am happy i got to see both of you while in cali. hope your doing great. you look cute. love you!

Sharee said...

Hillary you looks so pretty. I am so happy you are all doing so well. Talen is so cute and so big. His haircut makes him look grown up. Good to hear things are going good for you guys.