Thursday, March 18, 2010

SoRRy So LoNg.. UpDaTeS.. AnD PiX WiTh ThE NeW CaMeRa

Hey all,
Lots of stuff has happened the past month or so, Talen turned 1!!! Mike got diagnosed with TyPe 1 DiAbEtEs, I got a DiRtBiKe, and a new CaMeRa, MiKe got a DiRtBiKe.

The past few months mike hasnt felt real good, and just wasnt ever able to feel better, so we got him set up with a Dr. App, and he has had all the signs for a early adult onset of type 1 diabetes. So after the doc he came home and then went to work... generally your bs is suppose to be around 90-120ish, he tested and hisbs was way high, like bad high 5-600+, so I called his doc and we had to take him immediately to the ER, he had kitoacidosis, which is basically his body shutting down, it was really scary, if we had waited too much longer things would have gotten really REALLY bad!!! Things have gotten a lot better, he has been able to get it pretty regular and in control!!!We are still working on it, well Mike is, I have given him his shots a few times, Im his personal nurse! :)

So about 2 weeks ago I got a new dirtbike!!! So exciting!!! Since the day we got it we have been breaking it down and cleaning it up, and murdering it out!!!! I will post some pics tomorrow of the final look, before/after, the process we went through!! Its pretty sweet!!!

I got a new camera, a nikon, its so sweet I LOVE taking picture and editing them and printing!!!

Mike got a new bike but its in Ogden, he had a buddy go pick it up, he really wants it, but has to wait till April when we come to Ut to go dirtbiking!!

Saved the BeSt for LaSt...
Talen is SO BIG!!! He is crawling around like a maniac, and he pulls up to stand and gets into EVERYTHING, he walks along furniture, he LOVES to PLAY with Vinnie, and really he LOVES to play, Period. He knows where his mouth, nose, and eyes are, and throws his hands in the air when you say "SO BIG"!!! Loves to give KISSES!! Talen has 6 TeeTh, he loves IN-N-OUT cheeseburgers, fries, his milk, juice, water, oatmeal, gerber graduates foods, goldfish, really Talen LOVES anything he can eat!! Not picky at all!!! He loves to play and dive into pillows, he giggles and laughs when we put a pillow on the floor he will go full speed and dive into the pillow, so funny!!! He loves to pull himself onto the couch and get our drinks or EsPeCiAllY our phones, stinker!!!! He has his Yr app at the end of this month, any guess on how long or how much he will weigh?? at his last app at 10 months he was 26lbs and I think 31 Inches long....

Love you all!!! XoXoX HK

My new TOY (behind me)



TaLeN loves to SPLISH SPLASH in his BATH


MiKeS a big GooBeR

MiKe and TaLeN love to wReStLe


ViN gives a KiSS to try to ChEEr TaLeN up

So PiCkEd On

I just thought even the SAD moments are ADORABLE


LoVeS to SCRUNCH his nose and force a LaUgH


Talens BiG BLUE EyEs

Talen thinks he is SnEEkY, he will crawl a few inches, stop, then turn and look at me and giggle and then crawl a few more inches


thekandiorchard said...

Okay! That last picture looks like his Dad. It just needs the caption 'Tum on aunt Tani, lets dough"!! I seriously got teary eyed when I saw that Picture!! Love you guys and see you in June!

J.D., Micah, {and} Jonnie said...

ohh i can't believe he is getting so big! you look great girl! glad you guys are doing well!

Kristin said...

Hey Hillary! I WILL be calling you soon! You guys are going to come up for dinner! If you think you can handle 7 kiddos (mine and Kari's combined), in addition to your own adorable little guy!! Can't wait to catch up soon! Where in Cali do you live?? We are in Lincoln.

thekandiorchard said...

Can't wait to see you guys in June!!!!!