Thursday, December 10, 2009

A LoT To TeLL...

Hey aLL,
Sorry I havent been able to update a whole lot lately, but I am now so there!

We moved to Rancho Cordova California in October, for Mikes work, we have a great apt, and a great ward!! The drive was ridiculously LoNg, 12 hrs... not so much fun, we couldnt go faster then 60 cause of the trailer we were pulling with our truck on it, which barely fit might I add, but it was a fun drive, a great new experience for our little family!!
I have just been staying home with Talen being a HoMeMaKeR, I found my new calling... CooKiNg and BaKiNg!!! I love to cook, LOVE it!!! Mike has just been working hard , still with Verizon Wireless, which is actually about 2 min away driving and 5 walking, its really nice!! Talen is GrOwInG like a weed!! T has 4 TeeTh, 2 on top 2 on bottom!! He is So long and he weighs about 25 lbs. He is so fun and is starting to get his personality, he definately will have an attitude, he has one now, if he doesnt want something in front of him he pushes it away, or if something is out of his reach and he cant get to it, its hilarious, he pouts.. the boy definately knows how to pout, he pushes his bottom lip out and puts his head down.. little stinker!! Vinnie is just a lazy little dog!!
California is for sure a totally different place, way different atmosphere, also alot of U turns at every light, that was weird to me, and cause it doesnt snow here (which I wish it did!!!) they have those weird reflector bumps on the roads, really threw me off, slot machines in alot of places too! Its ok though, its all growing on me.
I really miss Utah, and our family and friends!!! If any of u are ever out this way.. let me know for sure!!! We'd enjoy the company!
Mikes dad and step mother live out here, so we know people and its great< they have been very helpful with moving in and helping out with our needs here and there! Sheryl, mikes step mother, has been an angel for me, she has drove me around helping me to get familiar with the areas! I dont think she will ever know how helpful and greatful I am for that, and mike has been able to work out with his dad which he has really enjoyed!! Thanks to them we arent completely lost! Lol!!
I flew home the week before Thanksgiving to spend some time home and then I drove back with my parents help my dad drive (which I didnt really drive at all, sorry dad), they came and I host Thanksgiving at our apt. I am so glad my parents were able to come have it with us!! It was a Thanksgiving not to forget... we all got sick within the week and a half that I flew home and drove back here to Cali... poor mike got sick Thanksgiving morning! I see it as, that will be a thanksgiving week I wont forget and will always look back on and laugh at cause we a few years back had a christmas like that as well!
I hope that fills u all in on whats been going on!! Love you all!!

CrAsHeD out with dad, JUST like dad, I think we all one time or another sleep the same way as our dads! I know I did!!!

He fell AsLeeP sitting up in his crib, I guess he was really TuCkErEd out!

StAnDiNg TaLL like Daddy!!

SuPrIsE.... picture!

TaLeNs 1st haircut by dad, such a HaNdSoMe boy!!!

Chillen on Grandma Procters lap while my Dad and I got Thanksgiving Dinner ready!

He definately LOVES aNiMaL CrAcKeRs, OrEoS,YoGuRt BiTeS, LiL' CrUnChIeS from Gerber, Daddys SwEEt PoTaToEs, Grandma Procters DiEt CoKe, GoLdFiSh CrAcKeRs, any of the purees from Gerber, really any foods!!

He is starting to stand against things, but he is still a lazy stinker, and I think he will come around to crawling and stuff, he does kinda scoot though.. lol

TaLeN was such a GREAT little traveler, 12 hours in the car, only because we could only go like 60 or the trailer would fish tail like mad, trust me.... We TrIeD to go faster.

The Uhaul was such a GAS HOG!!!! Also our truck was all the way to the front of the trailer and right on the edge of the back of it, very VERY SnUg fit!!!


Sharee said...

T is so BIG! Miss you guys. I am glad you are doing good. I hope Meag and I can see you in Jan.

Ben & Kelsey said...

Wow your little boy is getting so big its crazy. You'll have to let me know when you guys move back then we can sign up a volleyball team.

meag said...

hill, talen is so big and cute. that is so fun. I hope we can come to sacramento in jan and see you. miss you. hope all is going great for you.