Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My First Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon!!

I did the sprint which is a half mile swim, 12.4 mile bike ride and 3.2 mile run! I finished at 1:47:17 which is pretty ok for my first ever! I took 5th out of my age group, which was 22 people age 20-24! Pretty awesome right!! I was stoked, the run is what killed me, I am so not a runner, unlike a few of my marathon running friends! (You know who u are!) Give me some tips and triks for next year!!! I was bawling when I had finished because for the first time in my life, I did it, not for a 18 person team, or a coach, but for myself, I trained with my dad and by myself, and my friend Elizabeth taught me to swim, she is amazing she would swim with me being 7-8-and 9 months prego!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! My dad was the one who started doing this about 2 years ago, and I watched from the sidelines and I was just in aw about it! I said I want to do this, for me! And I did! And I had a absolute BLAST!!!! The feeling of accomplishing something so amazing is AMAZING!!! My favorite part has to be the cycling! I have a new found love! lol!!! My dad did amazing he finished in 1:35:46! I had all my and my dads #1 fans there to cheer us on.. My Mom, Mike and Talen!!! My dad finished way before me and he had brought cow bells and the last little bit of my running I was on the verge of crying, my legs were noodles, it was like 100 degrees, I was so tired and all of a sudden my dad had the energy to come aways from the finish line and was ratteling that cow bell louder then all the people and crowd and boy did I need it, he kept yelling "Come on Hill! Your almost done, finish strong and hard!!! Come on! Your doing AWESOME!!!" As I past him I stopped thinking of how exhausted I was and started running stronger and harder and as I came around the corner to the loud Cow Bell again (Thx Dad) and as I crossed that finish line I saw My Dad, Mike and My Mom and Talen and the second they all saw me they just started yelling and screaming and I heard Mike yell super loud "Go HILL!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!" I cannot tell you all how much that that meant to me, to be there to cheer me on and support me!!! My 3.5 Best Friends!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
Have a Fantastic Day!!! :-)


Heather Favre said...

You did it!!!!!!! AWESOME job, Hil!