Sunday, August 8, 2010

WaTeR PaRk pLaY GrOuP..

LooKs LiKe LoVe!!!

Cute Talen and his Little Girlfriend Lyla!

My PrIdE and JoY!!!

This week I had 3 playgroups to go to, to get T out with some friends! He LoVeD it!!! I loved it, more GrOwN Up talk and LeSS BaBy talk!! Although I love listening to Talen BaBbLe!!!
So, I had a lesson last week that I learned alot from, that we are who we are, we cant be someone else, they mentioned that with Facebook, Blogspot, Myspace and any other way of technoligy isnt for us to show off or post things for the wrong reasons, like someone is better then the other, cause if you really look at it, all you are really seeing is the fun and great fun of a small chapter in someones life, no one really wants to post about the bad things in life, or the down chapters in there lifes.. cause to be honest I use to be like that, I use to want to be a bit of everyone out there, and I would get so down and depressed, but all I was seeing was the best small chapter in a whole novel of others lifes! I learned from that, and I couldnt be happier with having greats days and down days! Its life!
They also mentioned that everyone gets so caught up in texting, that it takes away from your kids, your spouses, your family, I mean the lady who taught used herself as an example, that one day she was so into her phone that her 5yr old daughter had to yank on her arm and say "mom, can you please put your phone down and play with me!", that really got to me, we all do that whether we realize it or not.. I dont know if this will mean much to anyone, but I kinda needed to just express how it touched me! It was kinda tugging at me, love you all!