Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!!!!

Happy Big 50 DAD (saturday) Over the Hill!!!

My dad just turned 50 on saturday! My parents flew us in for the big day, and man from the second we landed we all were going 90 million mph!! Kid you not! We arrived Thursday at like 2ish I think.. drove home to my parents.. then after we got our stuff kind of settled my lovely mom and I went out for party decorations and man did we find some pretty awesome things! We got our stuff from Zurchers... palace of all party palaces!! From table covers.. to plates.. to knives, forks and spoons.. to the lovely marty graw necklace that said "Older is Better".. to a party hat.. down to the awesome balloons! We got it all.. and I mean ALL!!! After all that we got done about 9 or so came home and started to get patry bags together for the shindig! We all got to bed about 12-1am!

Friday: 530 am Talen woke us up, and didnt necessarily want to go back to sleep! They never do! He thinks its play time! Finally Mike being the AwEsOmE dad he is gets him back down around 7, I of course get woke up and I am pretty much up! Vinnie, my cute dog had a vet app at 930am, we did that, then we after that went to get some more things for the party, my mom also wanted to go to the mall for a new purse! Lol, gotta love the purses! We get home around 1 and then while my parents turn right back around and go grocery shopping for the party which is about 50 people! Get it?! 50!!! they come back with a whole SUV full of ribs, chicken, fruit, veggies, cookies, gatorade, water, brownies, marinades, soda.. and much much more!!! They get home about 5 or so and then we start organizing and getting everything out for the party! Making sure we have enough plates, knives, forks, spoons, cups.. everything!!! While they were out doing that I stayed home to help put a slide show together of my dads life up to the present!! Once we did that I still havent finished the slide show, so my dad helped me, and we actually eneded up staying awake till 1130-1230 again!

Saturday: The big day!!! The day my AWESOME dad was born 50 yrs ago!!! 515 am we all got up to get ready for the AWESOME bike ride my dad had planned.. 50 miles.. start the ride at 650am.. but of course my parents either GO BIG or GO HOME when it comes to get-togethers.. they had for breakfast fruit, water, bagels and cream cheese, and yogurt! With the arrival of all the riders (which about 30 came) they all had to enter into a drawing we would have later at lunch, grab a goodie bag with awesome stuff in it, put their jersey # on which of course said "50" on all of them! They all ate and got ready to ride! And also got a police escort on South Weber Drive ( about 5 miles).. along the 50 miles bike ride around Ogden and Layton they had set up 3 rest stops with fruit and water and whatever the riders would need to reuel if need be!
They got done about 1115 with the ride and the lunch was scheduled to start at 1150am which my parents had a 6ft sandwich for the riders plus the spouses and kids belonging to the riders! 2ft ham 2ft turkey and 2ft roast beef! Can I just say DELICIOUS!!! Along with the sandwich we had fruit, chips, gatorade, yogurt.. really anything and it was gone after everyone got there.. literally GONEZO!!! After that we had our drawing.. the cool thing was EVERYONE got something! and might I add these were no dinky goodies!! Pretty neat stuff!!!
After all that was done we all went home to prepare for the dinner at 450pm.. but in between we had about 4 hours to get everything else done, my mom made her DELICIOUS rolls over 100 of them, my dad prepared the ribs and chicken in marinades, me and mike went to get propane and more forks..

Dinner time came so fast.. 2 Types of Chicken, ribs, like 7 different types of pasta salad, fruit, soda, gatorade, water! Man it was AWESOME!!! I have never had so much fun!! There was people from my dads ward our family, work, and just friends! plus there spouses and kids!!! ALOT of people!!!!! It was such a great turn out and the weather played on our side.. SUNNY!!! It was suppose to be cruddy, rainy, gloomy weather! We got super lucky!!

It was a great day!!! My dad and all of us really cant be HAPPIER with how everything went!!!

I want my dad to know I love him so incredibly much!!! He is so TALENTED, SMART, CARING, ATHLETIC, SPIRITUAL and just a REALLY GREAT GUY!!! Everyone loves being around him! I love you so much and I want you to know Mike and I are proud of the work u do saving lives and being a hero to alot of people!!! You have always been such a great example to me, in every way possible!! Happy Big 50!!!!!

I just want to THANK everyone who helped and came and supported my dad on this BIG day!!! It means ALOT to Him, my Mom, Me and Mike!!